"Searching for Sully - Our Stories" by Ann Shaw

Sully was a hospital, not a sanatorium, and was the last of several institutions and clinics to be established for the provision, treatment and abolition of TB by the King Edward VII National Memorial Association and it was desbanded after the National Health Service came into effect in 1948. Memory is like buried treasures.

Sometimes you discover long forgotten worlds. Here I chronicled life inside Sully, an Art Deco building on the coast near Cardiff, a state-of-the art hospital designed to offer a more humane way of treating those with TB, in contrast to the traditional harsh regimes of sanatoriums based on isolation, and fresh air.

“A fascinating insight into life and death at a TB hospital in South Wales – from a patient’s perspective. At times hilarious, poignant and shocking but compelling throughout.” Chris Holme, historian and journalist.

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